Welcome From the Director

Robert E. Whaley, Director

Thank you for taking the time to visit the FMRC website. The Center’s principal objective is to stimulate research and increase contact among financial markets scholars from around the globe. A variety of programs here at Vanderbilt University have been established with that objective in mind. These programs include arrangements for visiting researchers, conferences, and financial support in the summer or at other times for clearly defined research projects.

FMRC Officers
  • Robert E. Whaley
  • Hans R. Stoll
    Founding Director
  • J.Dewey Daane
    Senior Advisor
  • Christoph Schenzler 
    Research Associate
  • Gina Repas

FMRC in the News

  • Financial Times, November 2, 2015
  • Foreign banks use US repo deals to ‘window-dress’ risk
  •   Foreign banks operating in the US short-term debt markets are “window-dressing” their accounts, routinely cutting about $170bn of balances at the end of each quarter to appear safer and more profitable, says a new study.   The study from the Washington, DC-based Office of Financial Research describes a pattern…

  • USA Today, October 29, 2015
  • Government research warns of quarterly dumping by foreign banks
  • NEW YORK — A government research paper says foreign-owned broker-dealers are dumping an average of $170 billion in certain U.S. assets before the end of each quarter in order to appear safer and less levered. The practice, driven by an effort to comply with overseas regulatory requirements, could hurt U.S. money market funds, as well as bond…