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The purpose of the Finance Seminar Speaker series is to feature some of the best and brightest in the finance realm, encouraging finance faculty to network and embark on timely research projects.

From thoughts on the recession to bank competition to trading relationships, we host several seminar engagements per year to highlight insightful research from colleagues around the country and around the world.

Upcoming Seminar Speakers


Michael Ewens

Columbia Business School

October 20, 2023


Antoinette Schoar

MIT Sloan School of Management

November 17, 2023


David Schreindorfer

W. P. Carey School of Business | Arizona State University

March 15, 2024


Song Ma

Yale School of Management

April 19, 2024

September 22, 2023: Asaf Bernstein, Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado at Boulder

The Value of Ratings: Evidence from their Introduction in Securities Markets

September 8, 2023: Hyunseob Kim, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Shareholder Power and the Decline of Labor

February 12, 2020: Mike Wittery, Ohio State University

The Consequences to Directors for Deploying Poison Pills

January 24, 2020: Lauren Cohen, Harvard Business School

Don’t Take Their Word For It: The Misclassification of Bond Mutual Funds

November 15, 2019: Isaac Hacamo, Kelley School of Business | Indiana University

Paper TBA

November 8, 2019: James Choi, Yale School of Management

Paper TBA

September 6, 2019: Caroline Flammer, Questrom School of Business | Boston University

Corporate Green Bonds

September 26, 2018: Margarita Tsoutsoura, Johnson College of Business | Cornell University

Paper TBA

September 19, 2018: Geoffrey Tate, Kenan-Flagler Business School | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Paper TBA

September 12, 2018: Rich Mathews, Robert H. Smith School of Business | University of Maryland

Paper TBA

April 6, 2018: Batchimeg Sambalaibat, Indiana University at Bloomington

Endogenous Specialization and Dealer Networks

March 23, 2018: Joel Hasbrouck, New York University 

FX Market Metrics: New Findings Based on CLS Bank Settlement Data

March 16, 2018: Tim Loughran, University of Notre Dame

Assimilation of Oil News into Prices

November 3, 2017: Gerard Hoberg, University of Southern California

Product Life Cycles in Corporate Finance

October 27, 2017: Yaron Leitner, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Regulating a Model (FRB of Philadelphia Working Paper No. 16-31)

October 6, 2017: Leonidas Barbopoulos, University of St. Andrews

The Role of Earnout Financing on the Valuation Effects of Global Diversification

September 22, 2017: John Graham, Duke University

CEO Power and Board Dynamics

September 15, 2017: Sebastian Infante, Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Bond Market Intermediation and the Role of Repo

September 1, 2017: Wayne Landsman, Kenan-Flagler Business School | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Effects of Credit Default Swap Trading on Information Asymmetry in Syndicated Loans

March 31, 2017: Josh White, University of Georgia

Paper TBA

November 18, 2016: Stefan Nagel, Ross School of Business | University of Michigan 

The Making of Hawks and Doves: Inflation Experiences and Voting on the FOMC

November 4, 2016: David Robinson, Duke University

Black and White: Access to Capital Among Minority-Owned Startups

October 14, 2016: Wayne Landsman, Kenan-Flagler Business School | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The JOBS Act and Information Uncertainty in IPO Firms

October 7, 2016: Jesse Blocher, Vanderbilt University

The Limits to (Short) Arbitrage

September 30, 2016: Scott Yonker, Cornell University

Trust Busting: The Effect of Fraud on Investor Behavior

September 23, 2016: Alex Butler, Rice University

Local Economic Consequences of Stock Market Listings

September 9, 2016: John Campbell, University of Georgia

Did Regulation Fair Disclosure Prevent Selective Disclosure?

September 2, 2016: Malcolm Wardlaw, University of Texas at Dallas

How Do Employees Fare in Private Equity Buyouts?

April 29, 2016: Karl Diether, Brigham Young University

Paper TBA

April 15, 2016: Davis Musto, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania

Paper TBA

April 1, 2016: Michael Ewens, California Institute of Technology

Inside Rounds and Venture Capital Returns

March 11, 2016: Krista Schwarz, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania

Notes on Bonds: Liquidity at all Costs in the Great Recession

March 4, 2016: Edith Hotchkiss, Boston College

Cashing Out: The Rise of M&A in Bankruptcy

February 26, 2016: Martin Schmalz, Ross School of Business | University of Michigan

Ultimate Ownership and Bank Competition

February 19, 2016: Kleopatra Nikolaou, Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Trading Relationships in the OTC Market for Secured Claims: Evidence from Triparty Repos

February 12, 2016: Anna Cieslak, Duke University

Stock Returns over the FOMC Cycle

December 4, 2015: Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, Harvard University

Cost of Experimentation and the Evolution of Venture Capital

November 20, 2015: Greg Miller, University of Michigan

Perceptions and Price: Evidence from CEO Presentations at IPO Roadshows

November 6, 2015: Bill Mayhew, Duke University

What’s in a (School) Name? Racial Discrimination in Higher Education Bond Markets

October 30, 2015: Jarrad Harford, University of Washington

Foreign Cash: Taxes, Internal Capital Markets and Agency Problems

October 9, 2015: Charles Lee, Stanford University

Do Short-Sellers Profit from Mutual Funds? Evidence from Daily Trades

September 4, 2015: Luke Taylor, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania

Do Funds Make More When They Trade More?

August 28, 2015: Ken Ahern, University of Southern California

Information Networks: Evidence from Illegal Insider Trading Tips

May 1, 2015: Ivan Shaliastovich, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania

Paper TBA

April 17, 2015: Clemens Sialm, University of Texas at Austin

It Pays to Set the Menu: Mutual Fund Investment Options in 401(k) Plans

April 3, 2015: Andrey Malenko, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Auctions with Endogenous Initiation

March 27, 2015: Lars Keuhn, Carnegie Mellon University

A Labor Capital Asset Pricing Model

November 15, 2014: Gideon Saar, Cornell University

Hidden Liquidity: Some New Light on Dark Trading

November 14, 2014: Eugene Soltes, Harvard University

What Else Do Shareholders Want? Shareholder Proposals Contested by Firm Management

November 7, 2014: Darren Roulstone, Ohio State University

The Comovement of Investor Attention

November 1, 2014: Chris Parsons, University of California San Diego

Worrying about the Stock Market: Evidence from Hospital Admissions

October 31, 2014: Hee-Joon Ahn, Sungkyunkwan University

Paper TBA

October 25, 2014: Frederico Belo, University of Minnesota

Endogenous Dividend Dynamics and the Term Structure of Dividend Strips

October 18, 2014: Andy Lo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

An Evolutionary Model of Bounded Rationality and Intelligence

September 27, 2014: James Thompson, University of Waterloo

Lemons and Proud of It: Information Asymmetry and Risk Transfer Markets

September 20, 2014: Dave Maber, University of Michigan

Sell-Side Information Services and Compensation for Investment Research: Evidence from Broker Votes

September 13, 2014: Dimitris Papanikolaou, Northwestern University

Technological Innovation: Winners and Losers

September 6, 2014: Sophie Shive, University of Notre Dame

When the Bellwether Dances to Noise: Evidence from Exchange-Traded Funds

August 30, 2014: Utpal Bhattacharya, Indiana University

The Dark Side of ETFs and Index Funds

April 25, 2014: Elena Simintzi, Sauder School of Business | University of British Columbia 

Binding Labor Contracts, the 2008 Financial Crisis, and Firm Outcomes

March 12, 2014: Mariano M. Croce, Kenan-Flagler Business School | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Fiscal Policy and the Distribution of Consumption Risk

February 21, 2014: Michael Drake, Brigham Young University

Paper TBA

February 14, 2014: Francois Cocquemas, EDHEC Business School & Owen Graduate School of Management | Vanderbilt University

Paper: Does market incompleteness matter for market microstructure?

January 31, 2014: Yael Hochberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & National Bureau of Economic Research

Resource Accumulation Through Economic Ties: Evidence from Venture Capital

January 17, 2014: Berk Sensoy, Ohio State University

Cyclicality, Performance Measurement, and Cash Flow Liquidity in Private Equity

April 12, 2013: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, New York University

Firm Volatility in Granular Networks

April 1, 2013: Edward D. Van Wesep, Kenan-Flagler Business School | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Quality of Expertise

March 29, 2013: Nicolae Gârleanu, Haas School of Business | University of California Berkeley

Financial Entanglement: A Theory of Incomplete Integration, Leverage, Crashes, and Contagion

March 22, 2013: George Skoulakis, University of Maryland

Time to Wind Down

March 11, 2013: Nick Crain, University of Texas at Austin

Career Concerns and Venture Capital

February 14, 2013: Yesol Huh, Stanford University

Machines vs. Machines: High Frequency Trading and Hard Information

February 6, 2013: Shaun Davies, University of California Los Angeles

The Economics of Discretion in Multi-Agent Decision Problems

February 1, 2013: Erik Gilje, Boston College

Does Local Access to Finance Matter? Evidence from U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Shale Booms

January 30, 2013: Tara Bhandari, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Making the Most of Good Times: Shareholder Rights and Performance Revisited

January 25, 2013: Stefan Lewellen, Yale University

Executive Compensation and Peer Effects

January 23, 2013: Xiaofei Zhao, University of Toronto

Investor Sentiment and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns

January 16, 2013: Erin Smith, New York University

Do Shareholders Want Less Governance?

January 14, 2013: Haan Soo Lee, Harvard University

Value Access in Venture Capital

December 19, 2012: Yael Hochberg, Northwestern University

Local Overweighting and Underperformance: Evidence from Limited Partner Private Equity Investments

December 7, 2012: Lorenzo Garlappi, University of British Columbia

Corporate Innovation and Returns

November 2, 2012: Bill Megginson, University of Oklahoma

The Benefits of Underwriter Reputation to Banks and Equity Issuing Firms

October 19, 2012: Reena Aggarwal, McDonough School of Business | Georgetown University 

Center for Financial Markets and Policy

October 5, 2012: John Cox, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Absolute and Relative Consumption in an Exchange Economy

September 12, 2012: Christophe Spaenjers, HEC Paris

Expected Horizon and Household Finance

September 7, 2012: Frank Warnock, Darden School of Business | University of Virginia 

On the Determinants of International Equity Investment

December 9, 2011: David Mauer, University of Texas at Dallas

Subprime Mortgage Defaults and Credit Default Swaps

December 2, 2011: Miguel Palacios, Vanderbilt University

Macroeconomic Announcements and Firm-Level Risk Characteristics

November 18, 2011: Shubo Wang, Vanderbilt University

Incomplete Information and Asset Returns in Real Business Economies

November 11, 2011: Amir Yaron, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania 

Volatility, the Macroeconomy, and Asset Prices

November 4, 2011: Paul Schultz, University of Notre Dame

The Market for New Issues of Municipal Bonds: The Roles of Transparency and Limited Access to Retail Investors

October 21, 2011: Haim Kedar-Levy, University of Jerusalem

A Dynamic Equilibrium Model of Bubbles

October 7, 2011: Denis Sosyura, Ross School of Business | University of Michigan

Safer Ratios, Riskier Portfolios: Banks’ Response to Government Aid

September 30, 2011: Ralph Koijen, National Bureau of Economic Research

Equity Yields

September 23, 2011: Maya Eden, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & The World Bank

Financial Distortions and the Distribution of Global Volatility

September 16, 2011: Laura Casares Field, Penn State University

Are Busy Boards Detrimental?

August 26, 2011: Paul Seguin, Vanderbilt University

Hedging, Costs, Index Volatility, and the Underperformance of Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds

April 22, 2011: Greg Waymire, Emory University 

Language Sustains Trust and Cooperation Even When Uncertainty Enables Widespread Cheating on Social Contracts

April 15, 2011: Costis Skiadas, Northwestern University

Scale-Invariant Asset Pricing Theory: A General Discrete Framework with Ambiguity-Aversion Applications

April 8, 2011: Qiang Zhang, University of Leicester

Consumption, Precautionary Saving, and Market Incompleteness in a Model of Intertemporal Hedging

April 4, 2011: Tarun Ramadorai, Oxford University

Asset Fire Sales and Purchases and the International Transmission of Financial Shocks

March 25, 2011: Cathy Schrand, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania 

Analyst Recommendations and Higher Order Beliefs: Explaining Bubbles and Price Drift

March 18, 2011: Clemens Sialm, University of Texas at Austin

Complex Mortgages

January 21, 2011: Yongxian Tan, Owen Graduate School of Management | Vanderbilt University

Debt-Equity Choice, Growth Options, and Market Timing

January 14, 2011: Nick Bollen, Owen Graduate School of Management | Vanderbilt University 

Hedge Fund R2: What’s Under the Hood?

December 10, 2010: Lixiong Guo, Owen Graduate School of Management | Vanderbilt University 

Board Structure and Monitoring: New Evidence from CEO Turnover

December 3, 2010: Alex Stomper, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Snow and Leverage

November 5, 2010: Pierre Collin-Dufresne, Columbia University

On the Relative Pricing of Long Maturity S&P 500 Index Options and CDX Tranches

October 29, 2010: Peter Demerjian, Emory University

The Impact of Changes in Balance Sheet Covenant Protection on the Design of Private Loan Contracts

October 22, 2010: Tom Chang, University of Southern California

How Many Pears Would a Pear Packer Pack If a Pear Packer Could Pack Pears at Quasi-Exogenously Varying Piece Rates?

September 10, 2010: Richard C. Green, Carnegie Mellon University

Financial Expertise as an Arms Race

August 27, 2010: Shage Zhang, Owen Graduate School of Management | Vanderbilt University

Compensation Gap Among Top Executives: Tournament Competition, Marginal Productivity Differentials, or Governance Failure

May 7, 2010: Pietro Veronesi, University of Chicago

Uncertainty about Government Policy and Stock Prices

April 16, 2010: Guojin Gong, Penn State University

Relative Performance Evaluation and Related Peer Groups in Executive Compensation Contracts

April 8, 2010: Darrell Duffie, Stanford University

How Big Banks Fail and What to Do about It

March 19, 2010: David Robinson, Duke University

What Does Financial Literacy Training Teach Us?

February 26, 2010: Michael Clement, University of Texas

The Relative Profitability of Analysts’ Stock Recommendations: What Role Does Investor Sentiment Play?

January 29, 2010: Vanitha Ragunathan, University of Queensland

Is the Cross-Listing Premium an SEO Effect?

January 26, 2010: Christopher Hrdlicka, Booth School of Business | University of Chicago

Trading Volume and Time Varying Betas

January 22, 2010: Sara B. Holland, Haas School of Business | University of California Berkeley

The Welfare Implications of Health Capital Investment

January 19, 2010: Alexi Savov, Booth School of Business | University of Chicago

Free for a Fee: The Hidden Cost of Index Fund Investing

January 15, 2010: Michael Michaux, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania

Pass-Through, Exposure, and the Currency Composition of Debt

January 7, 2010: Mikhail Simutin, University of British Columbia

Excess Cash and Mutual Fund Performance

January 7, 2010: Nicholay Gantchev, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania 

The Costs of Shareholder Activism: Evidence from a Sequential Decision Model

December 11, 2009: Tom Ho, Thomas Ho Company Ltd.

Valuing Contingent Claims on Natural Gas Contracts

September 25, 2009: Matt Spiegel, Yale University

Mutual Fund Risk and Market Share Adjusted Fund Flows

September 11, 2009: Dan Dhaliwal, University of Arizona

Bank Assert Securitization and Information Uncertainty

February 13, 2009: Jan Bena, London School of Economics and Political Science

Paper TBA

February 6, 2009: Miguel Palacios, University of California Berkeley 

The Value and the Risk of Aggregate Human Capital: Implications from a General Equilibrium Model

January 30, 2009: Rose Liao, Ohio State University

Corporate Block Acquisitions Around the World

January 23, 2009: David Solomon, University of Chicago

Selective Publicity and Stock Prices

January 21, 2009: Tor-Erik Bakke, University of Wisconsin

How Does Finance Affect Growth? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Venezuela

December 12, 2008: Ted Day, University of Texas at Dallas

Dividend Distributions and Closed-End Fund Discounts

December 5, 2008: Itshak Ben-David, Ohio State University

Does Mandated Financial Counseling Improve Mortgage Decision-Making? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

December 3, 2008: Berk Sensoy, University of Southern California

Club Deals in Leveraged Buyouts

November 21, 2008: Dirk Hackbarth, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Timing and Returns of Mergers and Acquisitions in Oligopolistic Industries 

November 14, 2008: David Musto, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania 

High Water Marks in Competitive Capital Markets

November 7, 2008: Paolo Pasquariello, University of Michigan

Strategic Cross-Trading in the U.S. Stock Market

November 5, 2008: Rudi Fahlenbrach, Ohio State University

Estimating the Effects of Large Shareholders Using a Geographic Instrument

October 31, 2008: Vivek Ghosal, Georgia Institute of Technology

Small Is Beautiful but Size Matters: The Asymmetric Impact of Uncertainty and Sunk Costs on Small and Large Businesses

October 24, 2008: Agnes Cheng, Louisiana State University

The Role of Accruals and Cash Flows in Predicting Future Cash Flows – The Growth Effect

October 10, 2008: D. Craig Nichols, Cornell University

Stock Option Exercises and the Quality of Operating Cash Flows

October 3, 2008: Chris Parsons, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Strike Three: Umpires’ Demand for Discrimination

October 2, 2008: Karin Thorburn, Dartmouth College

Markup Pricing Revisited

September 26, 2008: John Fellingham, Ohio State University 

Evaluation in an Induced Moral Hazard Setting (aka An Exercise in Tension Relevance)

September 19, 2008: Audra Boone, University of Kansas

Do Private Equity Consortiums Impede Takeover Competition?

September 12, 2008: Nick Bollen, Vanderbilt University 

Locked Up by a Lockup: Valuing Liquidity as a Real Option

August 22, 2008: Sukwon Thomas Kim, Vanderbilt University

Is Order Imbalance Related to Information?

August 8, 2008: Jacob Sagi, Vanderbilt University

Do Fund Managers Make Informed Asset Allocation Decisions?

May 2, 2008: Diego Garcia, University of North Carolina

Relative Wealth Concerns and Complementarities in Information Acquisition

April 22, 2008: Lakshmanan Shivakumar, London Business School

Targets’ Earnings Quality and Bidders’ Takeover Decisions

April 15, 2008: John Fellingham, Ohio State University

Paper TBA

April 11, 2008: Jarrad Harford, University of Washington

Shareholder Cross-Holdings and Their Effect on Acquisition Decisions

April 4, 2008: Steven Swidler, Auburn University 

Hedging House Price Risk with CME Futures Contracts: The Case of Las Vegas Residential Real Estate

March 25, 2008: Evgeny Lyandres, Rice University

Real Options, Volatility, and Stock Returns

March 14, 2008: Mohan Venkatachalam, Duke University 

The Power of Voice: Managerial Affective States and Future Firm Performance

February 22, 2008: Kathleen Hanley, Securities and Exchange Commission

Strategic Disclosure and the Pricing of Initial Public Offerings

February 19, 2008: Paige Parker Ouimet, University of Michigan

Control and Target Managerial Incentives in Acquisition Decisions

February 15, 2008: Toni Whited, University of Wisconsin

Which Firms Follow the Market? An Analysis of Corporate Investment Decisions

February 14, 2008: Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University

Growth Potential and Corporate Disclosure: The Case of Foreign Trade Liberalization

February 12, 2008: Ran Duchin, University of Southern California

Cash Holdings and Corporate Diversification

February 8, 2008: Ilya Strebulaev, Stanford University

The Evolution of Aggregate Stock Ownership: A Unified Explanation

February 1, 2008: Karthik Krishnan, Boston College

Universal Banking, Private Information, and Incentive Problems: What Do Ex-Post Lending Patterns Tell Us?

January 22, 2008: Amir Barnea, University of Texas at Austin

Director Networks and Firm Governance

January 18, 2008: Lars-Alexander Kuehn, University of British Columbia

Asset Pricing with Real Investment Commitment

December 14, 2007: Manju Puri, Duke University

Paper TBA

December 7, 2007: Andrea Eisfeldt, Northwestern University 

Financing Shortfalls and the Value of Aggregate Liquidity

November 9, 2007: Itay Goldstein, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania 

Payoff Complementarities and Financial Fragility: Evidence from Mutual Fund Outflows

October 26, 2007: Timothy Johnson, University of Illinois

Liquid Capital and Market Liquidity

October 12, 2007: Ayako Yasuda, The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania 

The Economics of Private Equity Funds

October 10, 2007: William Megginson, University of Oklahoma

Dividends and Share Repurchases in the European Union

October 5, 2007: Luke Froeb, Vanderbilt University

Evaluating Mergers Among Firms that Manage Revenue

September 28, 2007: Shawn Mobbs, Vanderbilt University

Tournaments, Heirs, and Organizational Structure

September 21, 2007: Jaime Zender, University of Colorado

A Simple-But-Powerful Test for Long-Run Event Studies

September 7, 2007: Simon Gervais, Duke University

Overconfidence, Investment Policy and Manager Welfare

August 31, 2007: Nick Bollen, Vanderbilt University

Do Hedge Fund Managers Misreport Returns? Evidence from the Pooled Distribution

August 17, 2007: Ron Masulis, Vanderbilt University

Corporate Venture Capital, Strategic Alliances, and the Governance of Newly Public Firms

Past Seminars

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