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Since 1987

The overarching goal of the FMRC is to foster and promote excellence in finance research at Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, particularly in the area of financial markets. A great business school requires a strong research reputation, and it has been the FMRC’s mission to attract the resources necessary to help hire and retain an excellent finance faculty. More so than bricks and mortar, it is the intellectual vibrance of a university and the expertise of its faculty that defines its character.

The FMRC has been generously supported by industry participants since 1987. This support has allowed us to organize and host conferences on topical issues, provide research grants, purchase and maintain important financial market databases, support visiting faculty with commonly aligned research interests, plan frequent research seminars, and equip finance faculty with the means to submit their ongoing research papers at whatever time necessary. We promise to continue to deliver a forum for all financial markets researchers, academics, and industry folks alike to exchange ideas. 

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